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I am not a slavering fan of Palast - I mean, I think he's wrong when he diagnoses voter purging/class warfare by the wealthy as being primarily motivated by class (as opposed to race - his argument is that they're out to get the poor, who just happen to be people of color. Uh, no). There are other issues too.

That said, I think all Americans on the left (and the center-right, like the Dems) should take a look at Armed Madhouse and keep up with the GOP shenanigans by reading his site. It's not going to be enough to register new voters and get the left to the polls even if the numbers are overwhelming unless we fight back.
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You got that right.


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i got the adhd

I am the meanest feminist in all the land!

For reals, ask anybody.

And I'm totally socialist. too:

You are a

Social Liberal
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Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
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I'm still a little unclear how HRC and Barack Obama end up way over on the left, though. There's a pretty obvious gap between "American Democratic Party" and socialist.